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November 24, 2012

Larry Hagman dead at 81, portrayed notorious TV villain J.R. Ewing

Good old times....
Good old  shows ....

When I was little I used to watch  reruns of an old  TV show called :  I Dream Of Jeannie, In Spanish :Mi  Bella Genio.

It was so funny,  so versatile , Is not what we have now... :( ,  I wish they make TV shows like this one again. I know I sound like an old lady I'm only 31 but it is true.

Larry was one of the main characters of the program . In the TV show  he was the one who found Jeannie. A blond  female Genie that used to live in a pink bottle.

 Even I haven't seen any TV show of Mr Hagman in years ,I recognized  him immediately even  at his 81 years, He was in his  early  thirties when he started with this show, He didn't change much , he just got some wrinkles and grey hair. 

Hope his family has some comfort now, he isn't suffering any more . Rest in peace Mr Larry Hagman.

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