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November 29, 2013

Why Cruelty Free?

Sometimes it is hard to find a product that works for us.
It is hard when your hair does not respond to a certain product and goes frizzy or that shade of Make up you want is only available  in a certain brand.
But is worth to sacrifice an animal for our egos? and If you do have Dogs and Cats at home and support Animal testers how big is your love for your hairy friend? If you cant feel for his fellow 4 legged.

Even if it is a monkey or a Rabbit and you don't own one of those.
They are still beings that live, suffer and feel.
There are plenty choices at the stores that are not tested on Animals, some are also vegan , which is more better for your skin
and health,  less chemicals :) think about it.
I have two crazy  Dogs at home and a crazy rooster, I love them wont like anybody to hurt them.

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